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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The way we think

What was the world like without technology? We went from having printing presses, washing machines, and cars as the new technology. Then created computers, Ipads, and Iphones. Technology back then has let us develop each physical thing we do. Washing clothes, getting from place to place, writing books etc. Now the new technology just tells us about the physical things in the world instead of letting us really experience it. The way we think on our own has diminished greatly due to our reliance on computers every single day. Within the beginning of computer use, it was only used for things such as business and economics but has expanded over the years and is used for numerous things to help us.
Though the Internet has helped us by giving us massive amounts of information on different subjects, it has also hurt us. The information we are receiving could be false. Say a student wants to write a research paper about Global Warming. They have to cipher through unbelievable numbers of websites and articles online to find out what is true and what is false. Back before computers a writer went to the library to find exactly what they needed.  As Carr says “By choice or necessity, we’ve embraced the Net’s uniquely rapid-fire mode of collecting and dispensing information” (Carr 10). The information from the Internet might be a faster and easier way to find resources, but books are very straight forward and contain information that a simple website may not.
On another note, anyone who owns a computer or even access to one can create a website. A somewhat organized insightful person has to go through the process of getting a book published but an internet user can create a website and obtain that URL within less than a minute. Books were/are meant for our entertainment as well as our knowledge. I feel as if there are more websites that favor our entertainment over knowledge. 
I remember being a kid, sitting by myself in my room, and wanting to read without interruptions and distractions when I was bored. Now a kid wants to be at the computer when they are bored. A computer is full of distractions. I know from personal experience. Sitting in front of that screen when writing a paper and not logging onto Facebook or playing family feud online is so hard, especially when it is only one click away! When reading a book, the only thing to focus on are the words on the page and the image running through your head when those words speak to you. When reading an article online or focusing on something online it is nearly impossible not to think of everything else you could be doing at that time. Carr does make valid points on what the Internet is really doing to our brains. The Internet has expanded our horizons but diminished our independence. We as a society today rely on the Internet immensely and soon technology is all we will have.

-Chelsea Slates

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  1. I never thought until now that there are more entertainment sites on the internet than ones used as tools for learning and to encourage growth. You make a great point.
    kelsey Coughlin