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Monday, February 6, 2012

I agree with Carr that my attention span has gotten shorter. I find it hard to concentrate on the things I used to love without getting sidetracked. I used to love to read. I could read four or five hundred page books just for fun. However, I can’t do that so easily anymore. I agree with him that we love to acquire new technology. Now, for example I find it so much easier to read on my kindle (a piece of technology) sometimes than an actual book. When I try to do something as much as going to a doctor’s appointment I still can’t put my phone away. Maybe it’s the sudden instant gratification that comes with technology like smart phones or androids. Now we have four g phones. I’m literally waiting for five g to come out next. Now we can watch television, movies and listen to music on our phones all in one device. There’s every app imaginable one could get on their phone from tip calculators to just plain regular old calculators to Tetris. Now there’s even a website that will buy your old technology products back when you get the upgraded version. That’s almost sad. It’s a resourceful business but sad. We’re all waiting for the next best thing to come out that we can’t wait to get our upgrades on our phones just so we can get the next best thing to what we had before. As much as I love Black Friday and think it should almost be holiday, Best Buy opened at midnight at and where handing tickets out to who arrived first. It was still equally comparable to a circus when I went there about 2 pm the next day. The saddest part was they had the technology center roped off with first come first serve on best products. Grown men were pushing kids out of the way. I started to feel claustrophobic and left without anything. However, we see technology everywhere and as much as we love it we complain about it too. From the people who work at fast food drive throughs who just want to yell to the customer can you get off your cell phone or blue tooth for just five minutes?  It’s the same thing at the grocery store checkouts. As much as we are busy people in today’s society its bordering on disrespectful. Now we even have laws to prohibit us from texting while driving. As if we didn’t have the common sense already to do so. It’s just sad. There’s even a phone that will even write text messages as the texter says the words aloud so technically you can still text while driving. It’s like technology is the center of our lives. From extension cords to flat screen television and at home surround sound. Last year my parents wanted a new television for the living room so they had to get the one that also plays 3d movies. As a kid I loved watching 3d movies in the theatre but I never thought I get to see it in my home. However, even for the movie a theater, 3d isn’t good enough we have 4d which is actually very annoying. I just want to watch a movie not feel the sensations with it. It’s constantly upgrading to the next device which in a society one has to evolve, update and adapt but how much is too much?
Kelsey Coughlin

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  1. Kelsey, I agree that we are losing our attention spans, and that we now have technology coming out that we never thought would. People are even discussing what we think is going to come out next. But why? We have gone from worrying about what there is now, to what we want next. Our generation is concerned with the newest up and coming thing. I believe this has its pluses and negatives. It could be good in a sense that its making us evolve more in order to create more. But in contrary, its making us lose focus on what we have now. So you bring up a good question. "How much is too much?" I think this is something many people are asking themselves.

    - Michelle Krupnik