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Monday, February 27, 2012

In Chapter Four, Carr talks about the progression of the written language. First he describes the different surfaces used for writing on and then discusses how previously words were never separated before. I think this is really interesting- the general progression of the development of our language to get to where it is now. This analogy of the changing forms of language was where I really started to agree with Carr that the Internet really does change the way that people express themselves and it also gives them a new tool to use to spread their thoughts and ideas through words- a far reach from wax tablets. I bet that people never thought there would be such a tool as the Internet to use to express themselves, so it does make one think that the Internet could make using paper for writing and books in paper obsolete and that the only way people will be able to read anything would be on the Internet. However, according to Carr who says that the Internet is making such drastic changes in the way that our brains work, is this good progress? If the Internet is the only way that writers or for that matter anyone can express their thoughts through writing than what will that do to our brains? The Internet is a great tool in communication but if it fully takes the place of written words then this will have a profound affect on the way our minds work, and will probably also affect how people write, and may change the entire experience of reading. When one thinks of progress, one always tends to think of it as a good and helpful thing, but it could be changing everything that writers and readers know and understand about the written word.

-Theresa Pallotta


  1. Well written post and i enjoyed hearing your thoughts on the novel!
    -Clifford McKeon

  2. I liked chapter 4 for those reasons too, it's weird to think about how long it took for written language to progress and now we're using it less because of the internet and technology.
    -Michele Lemieux