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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How we let it affect us

In the Shallows Carr describes many negative and sometimes positive affects to how the Internet is affecting our brains. Often he talks about how our attention span has become limited as more technology begins to be created and how we become adapted to physically do less while things are becoming easier, less enjoyable and easier obtained. With the advancement of technology become can be found to become lazier because things are more accessible to them. I agree that the Internet a new technology is damaging us but also helping us in a certain way. It allows us to gain more information that normally we wouldn’t find or would take a long time to find reading books. More connections are available with not people just in the United States but also throughout the entire world. Even though technology is beginning to take over our lives many people become more aware and easily adaptable to the new technology.
I also find that it is a way of life for new advances to become available. It is unfortunate that its takes over certain parts of our brain that were used to doing other things with but then again think about it, if society wasn’t meant to have new technology and advances then often times it would be boring and no one would be nearly as successful as they are now. Its tough to think that not only people wouldn’t be as nearly successful but also people wouldn’t know a many things as they do now. I also think that along with the new technology, which can give our brains less attention span that us as human begins have a choice as to how, we let the technology affect us. We can allow the technology while making life easier also shut down parts of our brain we don’t use, or we can allow it to both help us but also still use the other parts of our brain. For example some of us find it harder to read books or comprehend information because we allowed for the technology to do that, while others continue to do things like read regular books and sit down for periods of time without being on the computer or using technology and enable all parts of our brain to be used day to day.
In the shallows on page 50 Carr says, “Technologies change language more directly and more deeply but actually altering the way we speak and listen or read and write”. I both agree and disagree with that statement. Yes they can alter the way we speak and read and write directly but it’s also a choice as to how technology affects and defines us as individuals. I think it is both a choice for people as to how they want to let and allow the Internet to affect us. Yes it is changing and we are also changing because that’s how life is. Things are made times are different but its how we let those new changes affect us mentally and physically.-Salena Zona

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