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Monday, February 6, 2012

In this book Carr begins in the first two chapters by talking about how much the Internet has affected this generation's brain so much that no one can focus on any one thing for more than a few minutes. He states that because of our avid internet use no one can even read an entire book anymore. I don't agree with this point I believe that our attention span has definitely diminished because with a touch of a few buttons we have an entire world at our disposal, but I do believe that with focus and the proper amount of attention, we can read an entire book or study for tests without distractions or interruptions. I don't think that the Internet has taken these abilities from the youth in this generation; in my opinion it is up to us to keep our focus sharp and not allow these distractions to overcome us. Also, its pretty ironic that Carr believes no one can read an entire book because of what the Internet has done to us and then writes a book about it with the most intricate details about the brain that it would make anyone who had any attention span not be able to read it. This makes Carr very hypocritical in my eyes.

            -Theresa Pallotta


  1. You make a great point about how carr says no one can read a book any more with out getting distracted not even these scholalry journalists and then he writes a book about it. thats a great point.
    kelsey Coughlin

  2. I agree with your ideas. I feel that even if the Internet did not exist, people would still have to work on improving their reading skills. Some people develop the skill to read faster than others, however, everyone needs to practice. There are plenty of other distracting aspects of everyday life aside from the Internet.

    Kaitlyn Carcia

  3. I deffinately agree with your ideas and points. I agree with when you say that people are perfectly capable of reading an entire book aslong as they focus. The internet has caused attenion problems, but it hasn't caused people to not be able to read an entir book. Also, the point that you made about Carr writing this book is a perfect point. It contradicts Carr making him hypocritical not only in your eyes but in mine aswell.

    Michelle Salvati

  4. Yes, the internet could have caused attention problems, and I believe you make a valid point. Though the internet could have cause this, the skill to sit and read a full length text is still there, but its up to us to apply it. So its a matter of our will and want to sit and really focus on a reading, not that we cant physically or mentally do it.

    -Michelle Krupnik