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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Technology: an expression of human will

              Nicholas Carr states in his book, The Shallows, "Every technology is an expression of human will. Through our tools, we seek to expand our power and control over our circumstances--over nature, over time and distance, over one another." (44) This statement made me think about the extent to which technology has control over us or that we control technology. Technology is ever changing and we have to adjust and change along with it. As new technologies, social medias, etc develop we are almost forced into a world of adapting to the use of technology. While other embrace it, some try to stick to old ways and fight it. But either way, people are constantly being influenced by social medias, new technology and peers around them to use new tools and technologies being developed.
           I've definitely noticed a new and increased dependence to technologies. People, including myself, will constantly use their phones, computers, ipods and other devices to stay in touch and feel connected with the outside world. Without having access to these devices people often feel disconnected and as if they are going to be "missing out". I've felt myself become more dependent on technologies and these devices but I realize my dependence and try to limit myself to the amount of time I spend on the internet, Facebook, Tv etc. Carr talks about how the internet has made us less focused and have a lessened attention span. I agree with this statement. I can feel my mind wandering more easily as a I try to finish a task. If it's on my computer and i'm trying to write a paper or get some work done, I find my attention drifting off to checking Facebook, my email, my phone or anything to be some sort of distraction.
             But on the contrary, all of tools and devices and advances in technology are said to be made for our convenience and benefit. Carr talks about old tools such as the maps, typewriters, or even books that are all becoming outdated and by newer more advanced technologies. This section of the book really got me to stop and thinking about all the old things I used to use and how over the years they have upgraded. I remember my parents having to print out directions from when I was younger and now we can just grab the  GPS and punch in an address anywhere. I remember when I used to use CD players instead of my Ipod, or my old flips phones opposed to the new updated smart phones, etc. It's strange to reflect how much has changed around me and how little attention I have payed attention to it. I used to be limited by my parents to 45 minutes a day of use on the internet, back when we had to use the dial up internet. I would have to make sure to spend my time wisely. Now, I don't even think twice about how much time I spend or how often I go on the internet.

-Chelsea Angelosanto

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  1. Although Carr has some worries about how we use technology today I feel like it may be a natural movement for us as a society. Technology is basically just something to make life easier. The wheel was an invention of technology and if someone were to tell you today that you use a wheel too much you would think that they are crazy. Years from now when our descendants look back on our use of the internet they may think the same thing about the internet as we do the wheel.