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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tweeting in Church

The following is a response to a quote in Chapter 5 (The Shallows):

“A growing number of American churches are encouraging parishioners to bring laptops and smartphones to services in order to exchange inspirational messages through Twitter and other microblogging services.”

I am baffled. Also, I am not sure I really believe it.  Here’s why:

1.) The division between religion and science/technology is pretty significant. I cannot imagine any church welcoming electronics in a sermon. If churches were to do this, wouldn’t it mean churches are straying away from traditional practice? Science often contradicts religion for this reason, thus creating much tension between the two worlds.  If religious organizations begin to accept technology, does this also mean they going to re-evaluate their ideas on evolution, birth control, and other controversial issues, too? It just doesn’t seem logical to me.

2.) It is impolite to text or tweet during a lecture, but it’s not rude during a sermon? I don’t quite understand. If I am in a political science class, I am certainly overflowing with opinions and ideas. But if I were to start tweeting about it, I would most likely stop paying attention to the professor and concentrate on writing a post that isn’t over the 140-character limit on Twitter. Wouldn’t this apply to church, as well? I am sure people have much to say during a service, but sharing those thoughts as someone else is speaking isn’t courteous.  Also, wouldn’t this defeat the purpose of going to church? You don’t have to be in church to tweet.

And if this is true, then I don’t agree with the churches that have allowed their members to use electronic devices during a service. I am ALL for integrating technology in our society because I don’t think it should be feared; I think it should be embraced. However, there are times for the Internet, but there are also times to listen. I don’t think it is appropriate to be wrapped up in the cyber world while someone is talking. It’s rude. However, I don’t think has any reflection on the technology. I think this has all to do with etiquette, and knowing when it is impolite to be multitasking.


  1. Kaitlyn I can safely say that I agree with you. I too am all for embracing technology in today's society. Although, there is a time and a place for everything and during church or even when speaking to others in a formal setting simply is not the time. I think it is rude, and by using the internet one wouldn't be able to give the others their full attention.

    - Michelle Krupnik

  2. I also would have to agree with both of you. I think that technology being used in such a manner is a total contradiction of what most churches preach. It also shows younger generations that it's okay to not give their undivided attention to important tasks, yet older generations always comment about the lack of social skills and short attention spans children have.
    nikki gaspari

  3. I completely agree with what you are saying. Coming from a religious background, I think it's absolutely absurd to allow technology during church. It goes again what a lot of religions believe in, like focusing only on the sermon and what The Lord is preaching with no distractions. It's not right and I hope my church doesn't conform to it.

  4. I completely agree with you. I believe using phones in church is disrespectful and should not be in encouraged in any way at all. Using your phone in class or while someone is speaking to you is rude never mind using your phone while in a mass. Obviously you would not be giving your full attention if you were blogging or tweeting about what is going on.
    -Shayla Stevens

  5. I definitely agree, using a phone in church sort of takes away from the reasons why one attends church, nevermind the fact that it's completely rude.

    Meagan Cox

  6. I haven't been to church since i was a kid but i'm almost 100% positive if I attempted to pull out my phone to Tweet about a sermon I would get bad stares from people. Yet again, I haven't been to church in a long time maybe its acceptable to now talk, tweet, or text in church now-a-days?
    -Clifford McKeon