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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Church and Technology

In Chapter 5, Carr talks about tweeting in Churches. Quote, “A growing number of American churches are encouraging parishioners to bring laptops and smartphones to services in order to exchange inspirational messages through Twitter and other micro blogging services” (pg 93-95). I completely disagree with this idea. I don’t think that Churches should be incorporating tweeting or texting or Facebook or anything like that DURING the services. After services would be fine but not during. Church is supposed to bring people together to worship, pray, and feel accepted in a community. Coming from a very religious family I would know. I find it very disrespectful when I see someone texting during Church or a phone goes off in the middle of a sermon. Coming from a Catholic background, anything that isn’t traditional isn’t usually welcomed upon. My church has made lots of improvements like getting a Facebook page and other such electronic ideas, but not in the middle of a service. It is very disrespectful and not what Churches should be doing. It just gives more leave for people to ignore the service and go on Facebook or other such sites. Church is not meant to change for technology, it’s supposed to keep communities together.

~Liz L.

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  1. I agree with you. Texting in church is disrectful. even when I hear a phone go off I think really? Your in church. I'm catholic also. I feel that's also getting into why clocks aren't put in churches because your whole mind body and spirit should be in church. Not on twitter.
    Kelsey Coughlin